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Rapper Chanel West Coast Full Titties

Anyone remotely into the rap music scene will recognize this name: Chanel West Coast. Born Chelsea Chanel Dudley. This female rapper signed her way onto Lil Wayne’s record label and became a reality TV sensation another rapper Iggy Azalea on Rob Dyrdek’s Fantasy Factory and Ridiculousness. But aside from her credentials, this chick is certifiably hot. With blonde hair, huge tits, and a huge ass that makes every other white girl jealous, these pictures of Chanel are very pleasing to the eye.

Hot Images of Chanel West Coast

Seriously, have you ever seen an ass look this good? Like, I had seen her with clothes on and thought, damn that ass is juicy and ready to take on some hard poles. But seeing her hot, it’s like a whole other experience. Plus, her boobs totally match the back. Who knows if they are real, but they are really well done if they are fake. It doesn’t take a genius to see Chanel’s a total skank. She’s got an itch I bet she’s tried to scratch many a times with many men, and I wouldn’t mind being the next one.


So to sum it, we know you enjoyed these images of Chanel West Coast. She may not be the biggest name in rap music, but she’s definitely one of these stunning.

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